About Us

A creative business/IT solutions company with a particular passion for all things web: Web Design, Branding, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, E-store, Remote Business Consultancy, Internet Marketing, and many other web-related innovations+solutions.

Who we are?


to Genesis, based in Malaysia, is a creative agency with a particular passion for all things web. Just like our motto, “EveryThing’s On”. Web Design, Branding, Blogging, SEO, E-commerce, E-store, Remote Business Solutions, and many other web-related innovations. We work with clients in Malaysia and worldwide. Whatever creative work your company needs, we have the resources to do it quickly, within a sensible budget, and to a highly professional standard. Our business is built upon integrity and relationship. After all, if there is no trust in a relationship, what is the point? Hence, we pride ourselves in building a trustworthy relationship with all of our clients, while striving to provide the best service with our dedicated and visionary team. Because we only do things with excellence our clients remain our clients. We know what it is like to run a business, especially an internet business.

Our business conscience? Simple. If you don’t need it, we won’t sell it to you. And if you need something, we do our best to get it for you, sometime without any additional charges. What is more, if someone can satisfy your requirements better than us, we will introduce you to them, or point you in their direction. Because we believe in our clients’ right, the right to look for the best service.
If we believe that you are the best person to undertake the work rather than using us, we will tell you. This often happens when we talk with clients about social media!

Our Vision? Providing low-cost professional standard business and IT solutions for you.

We believe in revolutionizing web design, with our greatest passion towards our vision

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go for it with an aim, with a goal, and with an aspiration to make it unique and perfect. “

Why Choose Us?

1. Modern & Clean Design

Don’t mistaken us, the Web Specialists, as the Spidermen. Well, even though many people did call us that for the agile way we manage and build the web infrastructure, intuitively. Using our “Spiderman skills”, we could create anything for you, whether from scratch, or ingeniously utilizing the raw materials we found on the world wide web: Professional business websites, Full e-commerce online stores, blogs, online classifieds websites, company intranets, mobile apps, and more!

2. Lowest Price, Highest Quality

We believe in low-cost websites, yet promise the highest quality satisfactions. We have never disappointed any of our clients, and any of their business. Low Cost Websites, High Quality Satisfaction. That is our revolutionary belief.

3. Ultra Responsive & Retina Ready

With the huge rise in smartphone and tablet usage, more people than ever are accessing the internet through mobile devices.It is staggering how many websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, and we certainly don’t want any of our clients to be one of them! We build websites that are fully responsive. This means that the content and layout of the website will rearrange itself automatically based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on. If you are creating a new website, or revamping an existing site, this is a must!

4. Constant and Friendly Technical Support

Clients are always our priority, more than anything else. That is why it is our principle and determination to strive in providing the best customer service and after-sales technical support constantly to our clients. If you are satisfied, we are, too.

Our Achievements

Web Design / 92%
E-Commerce / 90%
SEO / 80%
Branding / 83%

About Us